The girl with the turban

The story of Happie Haus began in spring 2018 when Stephanie was travelling on Berlin public transport during chemotherapy, a turban covering her bald head. A young guy walked past her and, when leaving the train, turned around and said with a smile: “Peace to the hippie!” He had not noticed her illness which made Stephanie very happy.

We want to make you happie 

We want to make you happie 

We want to make you happie 

The vision

When Stephanie was in hospital for her second surgery, she wanted to buy a set of affirmation cards to make her feel better. When she couldn’t find anything she liked, she grabbed an old newspaper and a pen, and started drawing – in her hospital bed.

Soon she realized, that it was all connected: the turban, her love for yoga, her passion for writing and drawing, and her wish to help people that are going through cancer like her. The Happie Haus was born, a place for healing and hope. An inspiration for a healthy body and a positive mind.

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